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Mobile Crisis Intervention

[photo from The Daily Courier]

In the middle of the night, police are called for an unruly person outside a local business. A quick evaluation determines the person is not dangerous, but the behavior is related to a mental health/addiction-related concern.

Rather than call for an ambulance to take the person to the emergency room, the police dial a mobile crisis unit with trained staff able to evaluate and identify services available to assist them. If needed, the crisis unit can transport the individual to a mental health crisis center or rehabilitation facility, or get them stabilized so that they can seek psychiatric counseling or therapy during regular business hours.

Thanks to Terros Health, a mental health and substance abuse agency headquartered in Phoenix, a mobile crisis office with six therapists and trained clinicians has just been added to the mental health care delivery system in this area. Terros in May opened mobile crisis offices in Prescott Valley and in Flagstaff.

The timing of the mid-May opening of this office in Prescott Valley coincided with the June opening of West Yavapai Guidance Clinic’s new, up to 24-hour crisis stabilization unit also located in Prescott Valley.


“Definitely Terros is working very close with us to assure comprehensive mental health interventions are available in our community,” said Laura Norman, West Yavapai Guidance Clinic’s chief development and communications officer. “We’re very glad to have them locally to support our community and what West Yavapai does here in the community.”

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