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To help residents throughout our communities obtain the mental health services they need to heal, grow and thrive, the West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Foundation raises awareness and funds to support a number of the programs offered by the Clinic. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit West Yavapai Guidance Clinic is the largest non-profit in the County providing quality mental health, crisis intervention, and substance use treatment services to community members in need, and meets the needs of clients in a geographically large service area, stretching from Seligman in the north, Black Canyon City in the south, Cordes Lakes in the east and Bagdad in the west.

Six Key Funding Areas of the WYGC Foundation:

1) Children’s Services – Some 1,000 children from our community receive services annually at WYGC.  The Children’s Services Fund provides 13472604_sopportunities for life skills training, trauma recovery, outdoor activities, and recreational pursuits.  These services funded by the WYGC Foundation may not be covered by State funds or other sources, yet they are therapeutic and enhance the child’s  clinical experience.  Watch Scott’s Story, a story of success!


2) Senior Peer Prevention  – This program focuses on matching trained peer volunteers with seniors requiring services.  Difficulties with isolation, chronic 11089787_shealth conditions, stress, loss of a spouse, and financial challenges are common among seniors.  Services include confidential support groups, one-on-one individualized support, educational presentations, and resource/referral for seniors seeking elder-specific information.  The program cultivates the emotional health and wellness of adults over 60 so they may live the latter part of their lives to the fullest.


35821971_s3) Crisis Stabilization Unit  – Severe suicidal ideation, acute intoxication, overwhelming anxiety, intense depression, the experience of hallucinations and delusions – these are possible signs that someone is in mental health crisis. WYGC provides timely, compassionate services for community members in crisis through the utilization of a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) – the first and only single-point triage center of its kind in Yavapai County. The CSU diverts individuals in mental health crisis away from jails and hospitals emergency rooms, increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes for that individual and their loved ones. It saves taxpayers money, and returns first responders quickly, increasing public safety. The WYGC Foundation raises funds so that every person who walks through the doors of the CSU can access necessary medications to achieve stabilization, and provide transportation after discharge to those without other resources.

4) Adults with Serious Mental Illness – Many adults in our community need 12064358_songoing support, medication, and case management follow-up.  WYGC budget limitations make this an area where community donations to the Foundation can yield an immediate impact.  Without innovative therapy enhancements, individuals may be left without adequate guidance and become indigent, unable to work or go to school, and possibly even become incarcerated.  The WYCG Foundation believes we can do more for these vulnerable members of our community.  Watch Ryan’s Story, a video of success!

5) Suicide Prevention – This program makes WYGC staff members available for speaking engagements which help community organizations and 12183707_sindividuals recognize the signs that someone might be contemplating suicide, and the steps to take to help prevent such a tragedy from occurring.  The WYGC Foundation  funds these suicide prevention training sessions and other programs related to suicide prevention such as Mental Health First Aid, Yellow Ribbon for Teens, and Depression in Seniors.


6) Recovery from  Chemical Dependency – The WYGC Foundation provides a scholarship for initial15782206_s rent to graduates of our in-house addiction  program so these individuals have a safe place to live while looking for a job to support themselves.  These scholarships help promote individual recovery as well as benefit the community at large by decreasing the likelihood that the graduates will become homeless.  Watch Barbara’s Story, a story of success!



With your support, the WYGC Foundation helps people of all ages. Your contributions have helped in the following ways:11357088_s

  • Helped a patient pay rent at a new place after losing everything in a fire
  • Purchased small incentives items to help with on-going treatment for patients with Serious Mental Illness (SMI)
  • Helped fund suicide prevention community program outreach material
  • Paid for two AmeriCorps members to work with Senior Peer Program
  • Paid for a full-time case worker to help with SMI patients who lost state benefits
  • Bought food for a picnic held for children in foster care
  • Awarded partial scholarships and temporary housing through motels, halfway and sober living homes to provide a safe place to go
  • Purchased software for a child with autism to use in a group home
  • Purchased art and project supplies for patients in residential addiction treatment program
  • Bought drums for therapeutic use on the Kid’s Team
  • Helped a patient living at the very edge of WYGC’s 7,000-square-mile service area purchase tires. Without this, cabs or other transportation options would have had to be used to get the patient to and from appointments
  • Provided one semester of sign language classes to deaf patient who did not currently have strong sign skills
  • Covered co-pays for patients’ vital primary health care medications
  • Purchased supplemental items for child patients & their families (gift certificates for food, clothing, and gas)
  • Bought an electric razor for an adolescent who works hard on his personal hygiene but had to borrow an electric razor
  • Provided food for a family that needed extra support as they prepared for the father’s impending death
  • Purchased videos that are part of the best-practice treatment model known as Matrix, which is being implemented in WYGC’s program for adolescent substance abuse treatment
  • Sponsored volunteer appreciation for Senior Peer Program
  • Paid for heating bill after a child patient lost her father to keep her warm over the winter
  • Paid YMCA gym membership for a child patient to make inroads in therapy and build self-esteem
  • Started a suicide awareness program in the community
  • Secured funding to begin a short-term counseling program
  • Purchased new couches for patients’ comfort in our Residential Chemical Dependency Program at Hillside
  • Paid for Summer Camps on leadership and the Highland Center for Natural History
  • Secured Equine Therapy for children and patients at Haddon House (residential program for SMI patients) with Horses with Heart
  • Purchased a safe to keep medications and cleaning materials locked up to assist a mother helping her suicidal daughter
  • Sponsored training with the Life is Good Playmakers for two children’s team members.
  • Sponsored thank you lunch for Senior Peer Volunteers.
  • Sponsored children’s team annual training
  • Purchased waiting room materials for children at Windsong Clinic
  • Helped finance play therapy room in Chino Valley
  • Provided funds for patient incidentals like haircuts and transporation for Vocational Rehabilitation program
  • Paid a vet bill to save a cat who was “considered a child patient’s only stable friend while moving in and out of foster care homes.”
  • Purchased booster seats for our Children’s team to use for outings
  • Provided food money for children patients to go to the Diamondbacks game


For More Information Contact:

Laura Norman
West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Foundation
3343 N. Windsong Dr.
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314
(928) 445-5211 X3615