WYGC offers professional psychiatric help

We provide:

  • Psychiatric evaluations: Your BHMP (Behavioral Health Medical Provider) will meet with you to review life challenges you are facing, your physical health history and your mental health history.  The provider will work with you to establish mental health goals and determine the best medication therapy to assist you in meeting your mental wellness goals.
  • Diagnosis:  Your provider will get to know you and sort out the best explanation for the challenges/symptoms you are struggling to overcome.  The best diagnosis will help to guide the best treatment plan to meet your wellness goals.
  • Inpatient Treatment Services:  When life challenges leave your coping capacity drained, inpatient providers are able to work with you on a daily basis, with the support of a team of providers (nurses, social workers, counselors) to help you regain your coping capacity.  This daily support can be very helpful when you have lost your way and need daily care.
  • Outpatient Treatment Services:  We offer a team approach to health and wellness; medical providers, therapist/counselors, case managers, peer support team members all work together to support your mental health and well being.  Together we address the biological (mind/body health), psychological (coping skills) and social (basic needs/relationship needs) aspects of health/wellness. This is the biopsychosocial approach to wellness shared by all of our team members.
  • Tele-Med Settings:  There is a shortage of behavioral health medical providers (BHMP’s) in the United States, and especially in rural areas like Northern Arizona.  The solution: have providers that do not live in rural areas provider care using video devices to connect to our clients (like a phone conversation but with video added).  Now, you do not have to wait so long to connect to a provider, thanks to Tele-Med providers that have made themselves available to clients in rural Northern Arizona!

WYGC is staffed with many psychiatric practitioners to provide the support you deserve, learn more about our Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners.

In House Pharmacy

In addition, we have an in-house pharmacy in Prescott Valley. The pharmacy is run by Genoa, a QOL healthcare company.

Need to dispose of meds safely?

Contact MATForce.