“Thanks to the Senior Peer Program I was able to be there for George*, a lonely and isolated 91 year old.  I helped transition him to a new home, a network of people and resources.   I’m satisfied knowing that George can to live out the remainder of his life with friendships.”

Susan Myers, Volunteer Liaison

“Sharon* and I met in 2008, after her husband died. She had health problems and stayed home in bed or in her living room chair. She had been encouraged by her husband to rely on him and was not encouraged to do much for herself except ‘woman’ jobs. She had not driven for several years.  Today, after much one-on-one support through Senior Peer, she drives herself around town, is active in the local senior center, and is a member of a church. Sharon dwells on the positives these days. She endures the pain but goes out of her home. She has left her ‘others have to help me’ attitude and enjoys doing for herself, and helping her children.”


Senior peer program members

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