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Adult Clinical Services

The WYGC Adult Clinical Services Program plans, coordinates, implements and monitors services for adults who are challenged by mild to moderate mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse disorders. The Outpatient Mental Health Program offers the services noted below:

Case Management:

Case managers/service coordinators assist with service plan development, monitoring plan implementation, linking, and referral.

Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication:

If medically necessary, a psychiatric evaluation is conducted in order to establish a diagnosis and provide medications.

Medication Monitoring:

Clients who are placed on medications are seen and assessed at regular intervals by the Medical staff in order to evaluate effects of the medications.

Nursing Services:

Nurses provide education regarding medications and other health-related issues. They conduct assessments and generally serve as a liaison between the client and the psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Educational Groups:

Several groups are offered with the goal of enhancing recovery through learning about common disorders and practical ways of coping with them.

Individual Therapy:

Based on medical necessity, short-term therapy utilizing a brief, solution-focused approach, is offered.

Peer Support: 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) defines “recovery” as:  “A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.” WYGC’s Peer Support Program employs individuals, known as Peer Support Specialists, who have progressed in their own recovery from mental illness and/or alcohol/other drugs who are willing to disclose their life experiences to guide and empower clients in their own recovery. *Pictured at the top of this page is Peer Support Program Supervisor Katy Welty sharing powerful insights at the September 2016 Recovery Day on the Prescott Square.

ACT Team:

The ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) Team provides extra support and services for those clients who qualify.

Thrive Program:

A daytime outpatient program, both in Prescott Valley and in Prescott, that provides an array of activities facilitated by Peer Support Staff.

TLC, or Total Linked Care:

Clients of WYGC have the unique opportunity to receive Primary Care services too; one of the value-added programs of our West Yavapai Primary Care is the TLC, or “Total Linked Care” program. See poster below for more info!


HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR WYGC’S ADULT CLINICAL SERVICES PROGRAMS?  The first step is to call the Assessment & Referral Department for information & scheduling, (928) 445-5211


CDSMP (chronic disease self management program) brochure, for WYGC clients

Family Support Group, for loved ones of WYGC clients

TLC Poster May2016